is a lovely place

If you are looking for a place where you can do something different every day, the Lake Garda is the ideal place for you! Experience the thrilling emotions of the amusement parks, enjoy the beauty of the natural and thermal parks, visit places rich in history and culture, enjoy the sight of wonderful landscapes…just one thing is missing here: boredom!

The lake Garda is the main Italian lake and one of the most important water reserves in Europe. With its long neck that ends between the rocks of the shores, heritage of the Ice Age, it has always left the different travellers breathless, trying to describe its wonderful colours and reflexes. Northwards, the lake is wedged between the mountains, while southwards it extends in the Plain, between the hills and the gulfs of Peschiera and Desenzano.

Thanks to its mild climate, this lake is the most mediterranean among the alpine lakes. Since the prehistory, it has salways been a cradle for the different cultures which have been crossing this area.